Teeth Whitening: What to Expect

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that makes a vibrant, bright smile more accessible. There are several different processes available that very in time, cost, and desired results. Read on for information on how to choose a procedure that fits your lifestyle and will help you achieve your ideal smile.

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Bleaching refers to a chemical process done in-office or at home that is used to lighten the shade of a patient’s teeth.
What to Expect: A consultation with a cosmetic dentist to assess the patent’s desired results and the fitting of a custom mouth tray for the treatments. This is crucial to ensure the correct amount of whitening solution is applied. The dentist will then provide you with materials and directions for at-home treatments or provide information on in-office treatment sessions.
Advantages: Typically costs less than other cosmetic whitening methods, Effects will gradually increase over time and be less noticeable to others.
Disadvantages: This method may require multiple office visits and will take more treatments to see results.

Laser Bleaching

Laser Bleaching is an in-office treatment ideal for patients who desire a noticeably whiter smile in as little as one visit.
What to Expect: A bleaching gel is applied to the patients teeth and a laser is used to activate energy-absorbing crystals that penetrate the teeth enamel and produce a brightening effect. The time of the treatment varies on the level of prior staining and discoloration.
Advantages: Quickest method of teeth whitening, Ideal results are often achieved in as little as one visit.
Disadvantages: More expensive than other procedures, Effects are dramatic and likely to be noticed immediately.

Britesmile Teeth Whitening

The Britesmile method is an in-office treatment that uses a special light and whitening gel to lift teeth as many as 8 shades in one visit.
What to Expect: After an initial consultation the cosmetic dentist will apply a whitening solution and activating light to innate the whitening process. Treatments are often fallowed by an at-home kit for maintenance.
Advantages: Quick, noticeable results in as little as one visit, Brightening of up to 8 shades is possible.
Disadvantages: More expensive than other procedures, Effects are dramatic and likely to be noticed immediately.

Prior to making any decisions, it is best to first consult with your dentist. For a free consultation, call our office at (813) 910-2575 or email info@nicolemitchelldmd.com for more information.